Thrift Shop Fun & Cooking 1940’2 Style

So my daughter and I have this new thing we do. We discovered it by accident one day, when a couple of her friends were going with me to see her dance show. She had two shows in one day so I had to get her some food in between shows. We happened to have a little extra time before we needed to be back at the theater and I didn’t want to waste money on something. We stopped at a thrift shop and before we went in, I told everyone to take photos of the weirdest thing you can find and we can laugh about it when we share the photos with each other.

My daughter came up with the idea to open an Instagram account and call it Not So Nifty Thrifties and start her own blog as well at I thought it was a brilliant idea and who knows, maybe this will be the next Awkward Family Photos. So if you are on Instagram, please follow #notsoniftythrifties and you can send in your photos to be featured on the account!

We love thrift shops, but lets be honest, sometimes they try to sell the most bizarre items that really make you question:

  • WHY?
  • Who would ever buy THAT?
  • They want how much for this?
  • What IS it?
  • What do you use THIS for?

We never really truly noticed all the weird little things until we started this game. It’s also very interesting to see what my daughter and her friends think are weird. Sometimes it’s an item that I know what it is, but they are too young to know.   The electronic section is really fun with them, because they truly don’t know what half of the items are. Just yesterday I had to tell them what an answering machine was and what it did. 

I do end up buying one or two small things from most places we visit. I feel weird about taking photos and not buying anything, maybe it’s just me but I can’t help it.  My latest find is this 1946 cook book: The Lily Wallace New American Cookbook.  This book is like gold to me. It’s beyond amazing to go back in time and see what people were making almost 70 years ago.

There are so many interesting recipes that I decided to share them with you from time to time on my blog. I am an huge history fan, and I am obsessed with know how and why people lived a certain way. This is by far one of the coolest ways to learn about our ancestors.


I just knew this had to be a cookbook. Looks similar to the Betty Crocker Cookbook.


Originally published in 1941, The Lily Wallace New American Cook Book circa 1946


The words at the top read: NOTHING IS SMARTER, NOTHING MORE PLEASING, THAN A FRUIT FINALE TO A MEAL. HAVE A VARIETY OF IN-SEASON FRUITS, AND ARRANGE THEM ARTISTICALLY FOR SERVING. I’m not sure about you, but I just love her presentation, those bananas really make the whole thing come alive!


Banana Cream toast sounds weird, but might be good. However, I just love that they need to give detailed instructions on how to freeze fruit.



I know there are still people in America eating squirrel, which is sad,  but the fact that it was so mainstream that they put it in a cookbook is just shocking.


The people in 1946 must have been totally ready for a zombie apocalypse. They even have recipes in here to prepare you for just such an occurrence.


I really with there was a photo of this one, cause it just sounds so nasty. I cannot imagine how FISH AND JELLO can taste good. BLECH!



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