Support the Arts & Send a Kid to Dance Camp

We have all been there before;  our child wants to do something, or we need to pay for something important and we just don’t have the extra cash to pay for it. My daughter has a friend from school and dance class, Olivia, that just moved to a new state and wants to go to a dance camp so she can meet all the new people and make new friends. She will also gain the experience of knowing what’s expected of her in her new dance company.

Since her whole family has moved and is strapped for extra cash, Olivia has started a Go Fund Me account on her own. She is a sweet, talented and funny girl who would truly benefit from getting to have this experience.

If you can find it in your heart to send even $5 or $10 to help her reach her goal, it would be amazing. THANK YOU – Every little bit helps!

Support the ARTS!


Olivia – Help her go to dance camp


Olivia and my daughter Audrey – at Oaks Park in Portland, Oregon



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