So Much Musical Theater News!

Great Post by The Daily Geekette. I love Kristen Bell, Kiki Palmer and I love her take on skin color – because that’s ALL IT IS. It has NO bearing on weather you can sing, dance or act. I think Kiki will make a great Cinderella. Also I was wondering the same exact thing about Netflix lately. Even when Dr. Horrible’s sing a long Blog was there, there are FAR too little musicals to watch streaming. We need the classics too and the newer shows. It’s how actors and singers learn and get inspired. Please Netflix, bring back our MUSICALS!

The Daily Geekette

Tons of awesome theater things have happened this week and I have crazy strong feelings about all of them.  This past weekend, Hair was performed at the Hollywood Bowl and it may have been one of the best casts they’ve ever put together, Cinderella is getting a new lead who has stellar pipes, and Netflix let me down in a major way.

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