For the Locals

If you are located in or around the glorious world of Sonoma County, CA then this is for you. If you are like me, you work (and work, and work) and are so busy with life, you forget to stop and “smell the roses” from time to time.  After losing my job, I decided that I need to get out there and play tourist in my big backyard.  Somethings are fun to do with grownups and other times it’s a great experience for the kids.  There is more than meats the eye in our world here and I mean to find out all the secrets!

I will feature my favorite places and things to do from Healdsburg to San Francisco; restaurants, museums, shopping and more.  I love people and I am not shy about chatting up my server or cashier. If I think that a place has great customer service and/or unique product, then I rave about them to all my friends and family. My mother used to be a waitress at one time, she has trained me well on what I should expect from great service. Also I feel that some customers are completely rude (for no reason) and that can really wear on someone that deals with the public. It only takes one bad customer/comment to stick with you all day (or longer) and make you feel like crap. I feel that I brighten the lives of those around me as much as possible.  If  you give off positive energy, you will get positive energy in return = everyone feels happy! Well, there was this one time I wanted to exchange something in a store, and they were being difficult so I started to get upset and angry, but that’s another story.

Now go out there and explore and do something different today!



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