About Me

So since you clicked on the “ABOUT” tab, I guess I should tell you a little (or a lot) about myself, my journey, my life saga.  It all started way way back in the 70’s …


Well, ok, perhaps not THAT far back. Let us speed up time to let’s say, the last 10 years or so. We will get to all that other stuff in blogs from time to time.

So this is me, the tea pot. Yes, I said tea pot. Mrs. Potts to be exact. Why am I posing as a tea pot you ask? Well, I just happen to be one of those “Theatre People” your mother warned you about.


Ever since I auditioned for my high school’s musical in my junior year, I have been hooked on performing ever since.  I even went to college to be trained on all that amazing stuff.   I was too scared to go to New York all alone, and I hated Los Angeles. Remind you that this is well before cell phones, Facebook, computers in homes, tablets, all that modern scientific crazy futuristic crap. So yes, I was scared of being in a huge city without any family or friends or easy want to keep in touch with them.  Also at that time, it was more difficult to find out about performing arts schools and auditions.  Do I regret this decision now?  Yes. Do I regret how my life has turned out? No.

I have met so many wonderful people through local community theatre. Met some people who went on to do what I wanted to do, met some people who became my best friends, and I have gotten to star in some amazing roles. And I have gotten to do this while being a wife and mother and holding down an office job. Hey what can I say, I never wanted to be a starving artist who has to work as a waitress. That just was NOT me.


So besides being a performer, I have so many other interests as well.  I love to make fancy cakes. I have not taken any classes yet, but I have managed to read, watch, & learn how to make some pretty cool creations.  I seriously need to take some classes, because I feel that we will always go away with some new knowledge.  This Star Wars cake is by far my favorite one I have made so far.  It was for my daughter’s 6th birthday. However I did spend many, many hours creating all the figures. I even had a friend over one day and she helped me paint the Tattoine skyline and she also worked on some of the figures.


Some of my other favorites are the mini pirate treasure chest and this tropical luau cake.  The treasure chest cake was for an online competition where we could not use any kinds of supports, cardboard, toothpicks, nothing non-edible.  The tropical cake was from a couple years ago for my best friends birthday party.  I know I have so much more to learn, but I was very happy with these.

IMG_0900-1 DSC04202

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