Are You “ALL About That Bass?”

Earlier this week I discovered who Meghan Trainor was. I saw her video “All About That Bass” (<- click here to view it) and its a catchy vintage looking hummable cute ditty with lots of pretty colors and hey, Meghan’s super cute too and no she’s not a size 2 (what size is she though?). To me, she is still skinny, but hey everyone is entitled to their opinion). I love the colors and look of the video, with it’s 60’s vibe, adorable outfits, and even that random big dude dancing alone. And yes, the song is catchy!

After watching the video I must have clicked on something to get me to HERE: Trout Nation’s blog post about this video, by Jenny Trout. I read her post thinking that I agreed with some, or most of her comments, especially the section about why we have to “shake it like we are supposed to”. Why are women SUPPOSED TO SHAKE IT?  Why can’t men be the ones to shake it?  I thought it was interesting her dissection of the song and her thought process. My brain certainly does not think that way. When I hear a song that bothers me, I don’t take it apart and analyze it. I usually just change the channel. I am fascinated by people that can do this. They do it to movies, books, songs… they go in depth and think of things I didn’t even notice.

Me: That was a great movie. What did you think?

Friend: Well, there was this part where the General should have been angry and he wasn’t. Why did he act like that? A general would NEVER act like that. He had every reason to be upset and he should have made the soldiers go into battle with no weapons for what they did to him and blah blah blah blah blah ….. [ 10 minutes later ]

Me: Well …… I liked it …. um .. yeah

Yesterday my daughter and I were driving around doing some back to school shopping and “All About That Bass” came on the radio. She mentioned that this was a new song and I said “I just watched the video yesterday!” I proceeded to explain to her what it was about and the problems with it and what I liked and didn’t like about it. Remember she is 11 and she couldn’t care less about the problems with the song.  Kids either find it catchy or not. So far I can’t tell if she likes this song or not.

Today I went back to Trout Nation to copy the link to her blog post and at the top there is a note that was not there two days ago:

Trout Nation: Due to a recent threat I received on Facebook, I’m closing discussion here.

It amazes me that one persons opinion can outrage people so deeply that they threaten the life of the person who wrote it. It’s just an opinion. That’s all it is. It doesn’t mean she is a bad person, or a terrorist, or in the KKK. She wrote an opinion and a breakdown dissection of a catchy song that made her stop and think and question some of the lyrics. That’s all.  No, she didn’t write a blog post about how to end world hunger, or stop wars, or cure cancer. Are we supposed to write about those things if we have a blog? Are we supposed to only write about good things and topics that will help the world? Well, I never got the memo on that one.  If you have a chance read some of the comments on her blog, I was shocked by a lot of the responses she got.

I think we should all be able to speak our minds, even if it means we will get harassed. We live in America where we are supposed to have free speech. Let people have their opinions, and while you are at it lets go out there and cure cancer, end world hunger and stop all wars!!!